Although bookmaking is nothing new, there are many people getting certified to become bookies every year. New betting sites pop up all the time, begging some bettors to question what qualifies as a new bookmaker as opposed to an established or average bookmaker?

While there’s no real guideline as to what constitutes a new bookmaker, it’s generally accepted that any bookie less than 3 – 5 years in business is considered a new bookie. This comes from the fact that many established bookmakers have been around since as early as the 1800s! Compared to those bookies, it’s easy to see why 5 years is still considered young.


It’s hard to pinpoint the number of new bookmakers that are coming up every year. In fact, there are so many coming from various countries around the world that there are no real statistics about this. Most new bookies fail and will never make it big. Competition is too strong for a lot of online bookies to make it. However, you’ll still be able to find a lot of new bookmakers to support and try out. You can see the newest betting websites here on this site.


In the modern age, physical bookies are almost non-existent. It’s hard to find a new bookmaker in a physical sports location. In most cases, new bookies start online sites to avoid the high costs of physical betting locations. If you want to find a new bookmaker, your best bet is to go online.

It’s still possible to find bookmakers set up at local sporting events, but they will more than likely be established betting companies and not new bookmakers. That being said, you can sometimes find new bookies at smaller local events even if you can’t see them at larger national events.


You might be interested in joining a new bookmaker site, but you don’t know how to choose the best one. It’s a common problem that a lot of online bettors encounter, as you want to balance your risks with your rewards. So, how to you make the right choice?

Here are some things to look for in a good new bookmaker’s website:

    1. Unique sportsbook

If a bookie’s site has the same odds on games as other top sportsbooks, this is a sign that the bookie may not be vigilant or may not know what they are doing. You want to bet on a site that has serious bookmakers who know how betting works well enough to have some of their own odds, not just copying others’ odds.

    1. Honest and clear information

You should never feel confused about what the odds mean, how to place bets, how to make an account, or anything else. If a new bookmaker is not upfront and honest about how everything works on their site, you should stay away!

    1. Realistic margins

If the new bookie is trying to cut your winnings and up their margins too much, you might as well just stay away. You can probably find better odds elsewhere if a bookie is cutting too high of margins anyway.

    1. Lots of options

A great new bookmaker might not have a lot of sports available, but they ought to at least offer a wide range of bets on their currently listed sports.

  1. Quick payouts

Even if a bookmaker is new, they shouldn’t be delaying payouts. This is a bad sign, no matter where it’s coming from. If a bookmakers starts out making bad payouts, it will probably never get better and you should just find a different bookie.